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The First SHIFT Hackathon of Arts and Technology
(beta version for test)
Promoted Incubation and Service Platform for Innovators and Entrepreneurs of Cultural Industry selected by Ministry of Culture of China
SHIFT Hackathon of Arts & Technology
What is SHIFT Hackathon?
It is
--the very first research & development workshop in mainland China
--intended to select and cultivate promising individuals or teams that are dedicated to interactive performing arts, live entertainment industry as well as technology innovation field
It is also
--a brainstorm that brings arts and technology together
--a competition that challengs the limits of human creativity
5 teams
20 makers
Who will come to the top?
E-GO Team from Beijing
GUAN Bo Team
Maleon Studio Team
Super Sky Team
Panel of judges:
Kevin Cunningham
Artistic and  Executive Director of NYC 3 Legged Dog Arts & Technology Center, U.S.
Cathy Barbash
Senior Counsel of China Performing Arts, U.S.
Salar Shahnar
Creative Director of World Virtual Reality Forum, Switzerland
David Clarkson
Artistic Director of Stock Interactive Theater Company, Australia
Liu Zhixin
Director of Laboratory of Digital Performing Arts and Integrated Innovation appointed by Ministry of Culture of China, Shanghai Theater Academy
Vice Dean of Institute for Creative New Media & Performing Arts of Shanghai Theater Academy
Liu Yihuan
Chief Producer of Shanghai Mahua Fun Age Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Frank Chiang CHEN
Executive Director of Shanghai Interactive Festiva of Theatre (SHIFT)
Mark Keyuan
Co-founder/CEO/Shanghai Branch General Manager of A Plus Accelerator Co., Ltd.
Han Jie
Vice President & Board Member of Hangzhou Gold Coast Culture Development Co., Ltd. (Theatre Chains with 14 venues in Zhenjiang and Jiangsu Province and Shanghai)
Qiu Ying
Senior Marketing Director of Shanghai 1shi Interactive Culture Media Co., Ltd.

NYC 3LD Arts & Technology Center
Exercises in Mixed Reality Design & Storytelling
“We are exploring the untapped potential of MIXED REALITY technology as a real-world tool for immersive storytelling and audience engagement. By creating interactive systems that demystify digital technology for creators and performers, we are attempting to overcome the solipsism of single-user experiences, producing a more intuitive mode of engagement that will fundamentally define the technologies of the future. These exercises are designed to challenge the theatrical mind, allowing users to create narratives and gestures mush as they would in real-world space, but with an added layer of limitless virtual possibilities.”
Highlights from Chinese Makers of SHIFT Hackathon
E-GO team from Beijing
Created by E-GO team from Beijing, Shooting Game simultaneously demonstrates two parallel worlds by blurring the boundary between virtual reality and real life, which renders the work a profound sense of immersiveness.
A participator was led onto a platform surrounded by digital screens on all four sides. He then started a light-hearted shooting game, where the shooter was applauded by the system every time he shot a human-shaped target. Meanwhile on the other side of the screens, the lifeless targets were transformed into realistic images of children. Audience standing on the outer circle were able to hear their screams and saw them dropping dead onto the ground. Yet the shooter remained oblivious to this, until at the end of the VR game when the screen finally showed a name list of the children he shot dead, actually the true victims shot dead in wars, and playbacked the whole shooting process.
The work intends to trigger reflections upon subjectiveness and objectiveness through clashes between virtual and real worlds. Sometimes it is easy to neglect the diversity of life forms and its meaning while playing games of this kind. And the good we consider worth struggling to achieve by our own standards could, from another perspective or under another circumstance, be judged as totally inappropriate or even immoral.

GUAN Bo Team

Taking a more traditional theatrical approach, director Guan Bo probed into the very nature of performing arts by asking whether there has to be a person in a play or not. Hamlet, one of the most classical texts in drama history, was combined surprisingly with artificial intelligence and facial motion capture technology, so as to achieve a brief interaction between human beings and AI within performing arts field.

Maleon Studio Team


To certain degree, virtual reality works like a dream, in which all the scenes and people we see are unrealistic. It positions us into a made-up world yet allows us to have real-life-quality sensations.
As a team expelling at manual theater and puppetry, Maleon Team chose to combine motion capturing technology with the sentimental stories between a memory losing dad and his son, Maleon's ongoing personal story which has been highlighte in his renowned large-scale contemporary installation puppet theatre of Papa's Time Machine. Together with shifting scenes and brilliant acting, the work was able to express within a few minutes complicated emotions that move the audience to the bottom of their hearts.

Super Sky Team

Taking pride in its exquisite special visual effects and convincing storytelling, the team of Super Sky and its special effects director and playwrighter Zhang Xiaofan brought to us a short video that was both compact and compelling. It combined facial motion capture and multi-chanel video projection with elements of suspense, thus producing a multi-layered mystery full of twists and turns.


Results of the Competition
Most Creative Team

E-GO Team from Beijing
(Wang Zhigang, Sun Yu, Feng Shuangni, Chen Kaixi, Wang Lijin)


Most Promising Theater Maker

(Shared by Wang Zhigang & Feng Shuangni)
(E-GO team from Beijing)


Special Award of Contribution

Team from 3 Legged Dog Arts and Technology Center
(Kevin Cunningham, Jason Batcheller, James Yuxi Cao, Victor Morales, Fubbi Karlsson, Nella Rieken)


The first SHIFT Hackathon has hereto came to an end.
We believe that in the future, arts and technology will become more integrated and inseparable, a trend that is bound to bring more nouveau elements to the stage.
 Let us then harbor hope, and look forward to the reunion.
See you next time!

Shanghai Live Dream Culture Development Co, Ltd.
Supported by:
Jiading District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV
Jiading District Committee of Science and Technology
Principal Co-organizers:
3 Legged Dog Art & Technology Center in New York
Shanghai Mahua FunAge Culture Media Co, Ltd.
Shanghai Theatre Academy (Laboratory of Digital Performing Arts and Integrated Innovation appointed by Ministry of Culture of China,)
Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University (Institute for Creative New Media & Performing Arts)
Interactive Media Art Major, New York University in Shanghai
World VR Forum, Switzerland
College of Digital Art, Shanghai University
Jiading Incubator
School of Science and Technology, Shandong Technology and Business University
DigiParallel Interactives Studio
China Unlimited Equipment Co, Ltd.
Promotion Partner:
MANA-New Media Art Platform
Eyann New Media
Jiading Makerspace Alliance
People Squared(P2) 


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